Communications and Videos in English may concern any subject within the Otorhinolaryngology.
Authors can submit only one Communication/Video as first Author and one additional Communication/Video as Coauthor.
The number of Communications and Videos which will be accepted is strictly related to the planned Congress timetable and to the evaluation of the Referees.

Time allotted for oral presentation: 8 minutes, plus 2 minutes for discussion.
Deadline for Communications and Videos submission: 30th November 2018.
Communications and Videos abstracts must be submitted electronically only.

How to submit Communication and Video abstracts:

  • Click on “Abstract Form” at the end of this page.
  • Complete the form adding the following information:
    • First Author: Name, Family Name, Personal Email, Phone Number (preferably mobile phone number) and Affiliation (Institute of reference and city);
    • Coauthors, if any (using “Add Coauthor”): Name, Family Name, Personal Email, Phone Number (preferably mobile phone number) and Affiliation (Institute of reference and city);
    • Type of Abstract (Communication in English or Video in English);
    • Title of Abstract;
    • the abstract text must not exceed 2400 printable characters (spaces included), and its layout must be per sections: “Rationale”, “Materials and Methods”, “Results” and “Conclusions”.
  • Fields with asterisk (*) are required;
  • By clicking on “Send”, you acknowledge that you have read the informative note, that you agree for your personal data to be processed and that you grant approval to use the texts.
  • Checking the information added and if you need to change something, please click on “Back to the Abstract”; if everything is correct, please click on “Submit”.
  • The submission system will generate an acknowledgement of your submission, which will be sent to the First Author’s email address. Please make sure that you receive the email confirmation after making your submission (please, also check your spam or junk folder). If you do not receive the acknowledgement of receipt, kindly inform the Congress Organizers immediately (

Video File Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract submission will be considered completed only if the Author submits the complete video in MP4 digital format, maximum size 1GB, with sound commentary (maximum duration 10 minutes, including titles and credits), using the file transfer system provided at
  • The video file must be sent as an attachment, indicating in the message box:
    • The recipient’s email address;
    • The First Author’s personal email address, first name and family name;
    • The title of the video case.
  • The submission system will send a first email message to the submitting author’s email address notifying transmission of the video file, and a second email message confirming that the Congress Organizers downloaded the video file. If you do not receive the second email message within one week after submission, kindly inform the Congress Organizers immediately.

Notification of acceptance or rejection will be made by the Congress Organizers via email by January 15, 2019.

The first Author’s email address will be used to notify acceptance and to send updated information.

Abstract submitted via Abstract Form cannot be modified at a later time.